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Find Out Why Only Troops From These Two East African Countries Uses This Rifle

If one visits Uganda, he/she is likely to meet Museveni's military personnel carrying an M4 carbine rifle. Now, come to Kenya and visit any army barracks. In there, you will find Kenya Defense Force (KDF) troops also armed with the same rifle. The same is not the case with other East African Countries like Tanzania, Rwanda, or Burundi. (Stock M4 carbine rifle: Pinterest)

So why is it that Only Kenya and Uganda own the M4 carbine? The fact that both nations are active members of the AMISOM peacekeeping mission in Somalia explains this phenomenon. A strong neighborhood is a blessing. Because when things go south at your place, you can seek refuge from the neighbor.

Al-Shabab extremists have tormented Somali from 2006 to date. Its suffering extended to its close EA neighbors (Kenya and Uganda) that offered to lend a helping hand in ending militant operations in the region. Therefore, Uganda pioneered the deployment of East African armed units to Somalia in March 2006, Kenya did the same in October 2011. Both nations did everything to ensure their respective armies successfully and safely knockdown Al-Shabaab's headquarters in Kismayo. (A female soldier firing the M4 carbine: Wikipedia)

One way of doing this was arming their troops with modern long-range high-caliber rifles. The American M4 carbine was selected as the suitable ordnance for fighting extremists, having proved itself in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

Various American companies such as Remingtons have contributed to manufacturing the carbine since the late 80s, producing over half a million rifles to date. Depending on the mission, and M203 dead shot grenade launcher can be attached to the M4, thus enhancing its lethality. (M4 Carbine attached to a grenade launcher: Pinterest)

It always uses a 30-round magazine and long-range telescopic sights for precision shooting. It is good to know that a unit of M4 carbine costs Ksh 77,470 but not for civilian use. Like, share, comment, and kindly follow this channel to stay updated.

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