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Taliban Militants Takeover Afghanistan

The Taliban have today gained control over Afghanistan after the country's President, Ghani fled. Details of his whereabouts are not confirmed but Al Jazeera, citing a member of his staff, said he had flown to Tashkent in neighbouring Uzbekistan. The president addressed Afghan citizens in a Facebook post where he said that he made the difficult decision to leave to avoid bloodshed in the capital city. "The Taliban won victory in the judgment of sword and gun and they have responsibility to protect the honor, prosperity and self-respect of our compatriots," he said. The Taliban have seized power in Afghanistan two weeks before the U.S. was set to complete its troop withdrawal after a costly two-decade war. The Taliban troops stormed the country, capturing all major cities in a matter of days, as Afghan security forces trained and equipped by the U.S. and its allies melted away while others were killed during the invasion. The USA was able to withdraw its citizens from the country today despite the escalating levels of violence in the country, during which two armed people were shot dead. The Afghanistan people are now living with fear as the villains are spread across the country and opposing them would lead one into grave danger. The Talibans ran the country in the late 1990s during which there were frequent cases of abuse of human rights with cases such as public executions, women oppression among others. This prompted the US government to send its troops into the country in 2001 marking the start of a never ending war. The group has remained intact despite the put efforts by the US forces to end it over the decades and has now become stronger than before. The Taliban say they want to form an “inclusive, Islamic government” with other factions led by Islamic laws. They are holding negotiations with senior politicians, including leaders in the former government.They have pledged to enforce Islamic law but say they will provide a secure environment for the return of normal life after decades of war. Despite their claims, the Taliban is known as a ruthless, oppressive and violent group and now Afghanistan people are afraid for their lives. Some of the rules practiced by the Taliban are: women should not attend schools or work outside the home and that they have to wear the all encompassing burqa and be always accompanied by a male relative when they go outside. They also banned any non-Islamic music, cut off the hands of thieves and even stoned adulterers to death. People are now trying to flee the country and other nations such as German have declared that they will host some of the immigrants from Afghanistan.

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