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'Military Camp Not Safe' Daring Thief Steals Gun From Thika Barracks

Investigations have been launch to bring the perpetual into books after a man sneaked in Thika barracks in Kiambu and stole AK47 riffle loaded with 30 round ammunition.

This happened on Monday 25,when the four officers who were on duty went to take shower at around 6pm.

According to the reports, one of the Kenya Defence Force officer is suspected since he was dismissed and escorted but later on was seen around the camp in the evening.

From policemen statement, the man accessed the standby post and took Ak47 riffle loaded with 30 ammunition.

The officers who were on station,were John Kibaki and Alvin Nyasio who reported to the investigators.

"The officer was working with four others at the said post and during the incident, none was in the post as they had gone to take a shower at a building about 400 meters from the post,"the police reported

Apart from the AK47 riffle, a phone sample of TECHNO spark was stolen though it had no sim card and it belonged to officer named Kinyua.For the weapon it was assigned for,officer Kenneth Mbae.

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