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Ukraine Should Accept Peace Talk Instead Of Arming Untrained Civilians With 18,000 Machine Guns

According to a Punch report, as pressure mounts to capture Ukraine's capital city, Kyiv, the Ukrainian government has armed volunteers in Kyiv with 18,000 machine guns and tasked them with defending the capital city, according to the British Broadcasting Corporation. 

Authorities have urged the populace to use all available means to repel the invading troops. According to the BBC, Vadym Denysenko, an Interior Ministry adviser, stated that 18,000 machine guns "have been handed out in Kyiv to all volunteers, all those who want to defend our capital with weapons in their arms." 

The truth is that Zelensky has been used by the West to play politics, even though it was the West that brought him to power in order to use him against Russia's superpower, just as the West attempted to use Alex Navalny of Russia against Putin. The West promised to back him up in order for him to win the Russian election, but as soon as Putin discovered that, he began to handle Alex Navalny until he was imprisoned, so this guy called Zelensky doesn't understand that the West, whom he calls allies, doesn't practice what they preach. 

Only Putin's Russia understands the West very well; it is the same system that the West has been using in Africa; they make sure to pump money into their choice of presidential candidate in Africa so that they can use him or her to manipulate the economy, government decisions, poor currency exchange, to name a few things, as well as their agenda. 

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