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How Terrorists in India are Using Local Business People to Kill Their Targets

The increase of terrorism in India has been attributed to commoners who help the terror groups in finishing their assignments. According to government reports, common traders are given small arms to shoot and kill targeted people and then it's taken back. The "hybrid terrorists" are sponsored to do normal jobs in the municipality.

The "hybrid terrorists" return to their normal routine after carrying out their assignment. The crackdown comes just as the town of Srinagar reported more than 5 such killings in the last three days. 

What caught the attention of many is the recent killing of two teachers at a public school, the killings led to demonstrations among the locals while calling for 'Justice '. A street vendor was on Wednesday shot to death while on his business. He was a known street vendor in the town.

India accuses Pakistan of financing terrorism in its region. During the UN general assembly security meeting, the back and forth between the two countries saw a public spat. India accused Pakistan of using its resources to finance terrorism and attacks in India.

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