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US Navy Captures Huge Weapons Shipment Headed For Yemen And Meant To Support Rebels

Incoming reports indicate that the United States of America's navy has captured a large weapons shipment believed to have originated from Iran. Further reports suggesting that the weapons were being supplied to the Houthi rebels within Yemen

The weapons were if various types including advanced anti tank guided missiles, heavy machine guns, sniper rifles, hundreds of rocket propelled grenade launchers, intersection lens for guns and upto 3000 Chinese type 56 variant of the AK 47s assault rifles. 

The ship that had these weapons hidden on it didn't bear a flag of any nation on its hence it's origins are unknown. It was intercepted by the US Navy in the Gulf of Aden in the northern Arabian Sea off Pakistan and Oman. 

The United Nations Security Council had executed an arms embargo on Houthis but this seizure of large weapons shipment suggests that individuals or organizations within the Islamic republic of Iran have been supplying weapons to the Houthis and in significant amounts. 

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