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Rare Glimpse Inside The Mind Of A KDF Sniper, A Spotter And How They Work Together (Photos)

Kenya Defense Force snipers undergo months of training and practice, preparing them to master every aspect of precision shooting.

In this article, we look into the mind of a Kenyan shooter (sniper) and some tips for taking a good and clear shot.

In an interview with one of our reliable sources, a former KDF special forces soldier and trainer said that he was a sniper and spotter of the sniper team.

A spotter is a person who follows the bullet, protect the sniper, guides the bullet as it is fired, and makes sure that the target is hit.

Both of them usually work in a very difficult situation, which requires them to stay behind enemy lines, where there is no support, so there is no room for error.

There are many calculations that are made before shooting, such as distance, wind speed, and target movement. An experienced shooter's work is to be able to trace the bullet by putting a deflection in the air.

When preparing to shoot a target, the shooter must think about the target and the point of impact.

Unlike most movies that show confirmed kills by snipers (actors), the Kenyan sniper doesn't dream about his target and focuses on how many lives he can save with one shot.

Kenyan snipers are not always assigned to kill, but as they are masters of camouflage, they serve as insiders (spies).

Experienced sniper teams patrolling the enemy camp can tell the ranks of enemy soldiers just by observing their movements and each other's behavior.

Sniper teams often have to stay put for hours or days to avoid detection, waiting for the right moment to strike the target.

Kenyan snipers are also trained to be mentally fit for the job, as they often work in teams of just two and have to make split-second decisions.

Although the minimum entry requirement for Kenyan soldiers is a D, they are taught how to do accurate calculations in Physics and Mathematics under pressure.

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