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BREAKING NEWS: Bandit Stronghold Bombed By Security Forces

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Baringo's bandit stronghold is destroyed by security forces.

In Baringo County, on February 16, 2023, an armored personnel carrier patrols the Marigat-Mochongoi road. As the effort to clear out robbers in the Rift Valley region gets underway, Kenya Defense Forces soldiers have been seen arriving in Baringo.

A "hideout" for bandits has been bombed by security troops in Baringo County's Tandare valley.

The attack took place at 6am, according to locals in the valley's vicinity.

In preparation for an anticipated air and ground assault to flush out the criminals from their hiding locations, the authorities earlier this week sent out more soldiers and heavier artillery.

The government has made it a goal to apprehend the bandits, whose intermittent attacks have terrified locals and security personnel. The CS claims that the bandits have been concealing themselves in gorges, ravines, and caverns while also enlisting unarmed villagers, including women and children, to serve as human shields.

According to Kindiki, the government has located the leaders and gainers of the bandit organizations and will go after them. He asserted that one of the bandits' spiritual leaders had already been captured and was about to get justice.

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