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Salary Of The Kenya Navy Soldiers Per Month In Kenyan Shillings.

Hello guys and welcome back again for another great article today we are going to discuss at how much money, the Kenya Navy Soldiers earn per month in kenyan Shillings.

The Navy is the navy branch of the The Kenya Armed Forces and one of the prime forces of the Kenyan Army. The Navy officer includes some of the prime ranks of Kenyan Navy. It includes various ranks like Rear Admiral, Vice Admiral, Vice Admiral and equivalent, Chief of Personnel, and others. They are highly educated, specially trained military leaders of the Navy. Navy officers manage several Navy’s personnel, weapons, ships, aircrafts, weapon systems.

Being a navy Officer is a career suitable for all genders. Indian Naval historically has been a bastion for men, but over the past few years, things have changed. With a change in gender roles and breaking down of stereotypical barriers, women are now entering this field. Gradually it is becoming a level playing field for both genders.

Salary: Kenyan Navy salary

Commander of Kenya Navy gets Ksh 902,432.

The salary of the Admiral of the Kenyan Navy is Ksh 695,625 with Ksh 278,250 allowances all totaling to Ksh 927,500.

The salary of the Commodore of the Kenya Navy gets is Ksh 906,014

The salary a Captain in the Kenyan Navy is Sh153,317.

The salary for a Commander in the Kenyan Navy KSh 130,735.

The salary for a Lieutenant in the Kenyan Navy is KSh 102,106.

The salary for a Midshipman in the Kenyan Navy is Sh 73,182.

The salary for a Able Seaman the Kenyan Navy is KSh 32,250.

The salary for a Leading Seaman in the Kenyan Navy is KSh 26,509.

The salary for a Junior Seaman in the Kenyan Navy is KSh 19,941.



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