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“ Kamiti Prison officers were reportedly paid months before the prison break, ”- Detectives.

Detectives responsible for the three Kamiti Maximum Prison escapees' case has established that al-shabaab allegedly bribed prison officers and they are interrogating the financial transactions that will unravel the deal behind prison break.

According to the reports, highly trained detectives from the cybercrime unit and those dealing with phone forensics were called to analyze the full puzzle.

The team has stated that the perpetrators and the prison warders were ultimately connected and motivated by money.

Mohamed Abdi Abikar, who is one of the escapees, gave information on how they would have bribed the police reservists who cornered them in Kitui County last week.

“If we had not lost our phones, you would have set us free. You cannot be stronger and wiser than those at Kamiti who aided us to escape. We would have given you lots of money too,” Abdi stated.

According to the team, the Al-Shabaab terror group may have bribed officers at Kamiti Prison Officers to help the escape of the 3 terrorists who were re-arrested in Kitui last week. The wardens were bribed months before the real prison break.

“Kamiti Prison officers were reportedly paid months before the prison break,” a detective privy to the case was divulged.

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