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Top 10 Super Power African Countries


Despite having a relatively modest number of active troops, Libya's power comes primarily from a big catch of equipments.

It possesses 2500 AAVs, 500 tanks, 600 towed artillery pieces, 6500 logistics vehicles, and much more.

Haftar, the country's strong man, could be the one to spark a civil war next year.


The liberation forces were superseded in 1999 by the Angola Armed Forces (AAF), led by chief of staff Geraldo Nunda.

Contains an army, a navy, and an air force.

There are 920 armored battle vehicles in FAA's possession, 140 tanks, 270 aircraft, and a navy of 56 vessels.

They have been fighting in the Cambinda area of Angola.


Three mechanized brigades, one Saharan territorial group, one special forces group, and one military police unit make up the Tunisian Armed Forces.

They have about 5 million soldiers, 139 planes and helicopters, and a fleet of 50 ships and boats.

In recent years, Tunisia has established a stable government and diminished the threat posed by ISIS on its eastern border.


The Royal Moroccan Armed Forces, which rely heavily on imported hardware, have fought in skirmishes with POLISARO, a liberation organization seeking Western Saharan independence.

There are a total of 121 ships and 2120 armored battle vehicles available to the military.

But right now, Morocco is facing a major riot in the RIF, and its formidable army is helpless to quell the unrest.


Kenya's massive labor force and naval might have helped it become an indispensable member of international peacekeeping missions.

Thereby leading in a large pool of available workers.

Despite lacking much of its own equipment, Kenya's military is able to share with other nations as part of an international team.

Moreover, Kenya has joined South Africa as one of the continent's most robust democracies.

Armed forces successfully mitigated the threat posed by AL-SHABAAB in Somalia, allowing Kenyans to evacuate without fear.


No one should be surprised that the Nigerian Navy, Army, and Air Force total several hundred thousand stroops due to the country's massive size.

Among its arsenal of military hardware are 1,400 armored battle vehicles, 360 tanks, 600 logistical vehicles, and 25 highly effective warships.

However, this powerful military has failed to protect the people of northern Nigeria from Boko Haram.

While the army appears ready for conventional attacks, it is less so for the asymmetrical combat it will face from militants.

4. South African

It's been involved in several wars on a global scale.

South Africa contributes its highly developed military to international peacekeeping and collaboration.

Even though the country only has about 100,000 active soldiers, its planes and naval vessels are known for being extremely cutting-edge in terms of technology.

Possesses the resources and labor to accomplish much more.


Ethiopia has invested heavily in its military and air force because of its geographical isolation.

It has a force of several hundred thousand people. It possessed a sizable arsenal of land and air systems.

However, the army is having a hard time suppressing local militias that have sprung up across the country.

The nation does not appear to be ready for asymmetrical conflict.


It has an extensive coastline and has invested much in its land, sea, and air forces.

It has almost 127,000 active personnel and almost 2,000 armored battle vehicles.

Since Algeria has its own oil supplies, it may utilize its own fuel to power tanks, an aircraft carrier, and other military vessels.

Although Algeria has a strong military, a lack of leadership could prevent it from accomplishing its goals.

The Algerian military is the only institution capable of fending against the Islamic extremists that nearly took control of the country.


With approximately 500,000 active-duty members, it considers itself to be the most powerful military in the world.

Almost 10,000 battle tanks, 60,000 supply vehicles, 900 planes, and a sizable oil stockpile.

The Egyptian military has been degraded by the recent revolution.

When it comes to combating Daesh in the Sinai Peninsula, Egyptian soldiers are going all out.

The Egyptian military does not appear capable of effectively eliminating ISIS or Hamas groups in the Sinai Peninsula.

The military lost a lot of men in sinai in 2016 and 2017.

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