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List of Things Only Kenya Army Soldiers Can Do That Kenya Navy Soldiers Cannot

The Kenya Army and the Kenya Navy are crucial components of the KDF. Alongside the Kenya Airforce, they make the KDF complete.

As it is known by many, the tough training periods for soldiers are meant to toughen them and prepare them for any task that is ahead.

However, did you know there is specialization in the military? Below is a list of things army soldiers can do that navy soldiers cannot.

Invading By The Ground

In the KDF, army soldiers are the ones who receive the most training on how to fight from the ground. This is why they are the majority in Somalia.

The Navy can also try but their domain is strictly restricted to environments having water bodies.

Weapons Used

Clearly, the army and navy do not use the same weapons; heavy military artillery and machinery are usually in the hands of the Kenya army.

However, the navy has battle ships and others it uses for transportation.

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