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How Corporal Njereman Was Tricked By Kenya Air Force Pil to Not Bomb State House in 1982 Failed Coup

On the Sunday of October 1st in the year 1982, a handful of soldiers from the Kenya Air Force took the country hostage for about six hours before they were either captured or killed.

F-5E Fighter Jets used in 1982. Picture courtesy.

The plan was not a brilliant one and the fact that it relied on the genius of a handful of low ranking officers in the military, meant that there was little chance of success.

One of the main ideas of the plan was to bomb State House in Nairobi and this plan failed terribly due to the poor execution of the officer in charge of this section.

It is believed that other officers who were given the mandate to arrest President Daniel Moi and some ministers, forgot their part and started looting shops in Nairobi.

Why Bombing State House Failed Miserably

Senior Private Hezekiah Ochukah, believed to be the mastermind of the failed coup, took over two Barracks before embarking on Voice of Kenya radio headquarters to announce that he had taken over the country.

He put Corporal Bramwel Injeni Njereman in charge of bombing State House and the General Service Unit Headquarters from Laikipia Airbase in Nanyuki.

Major David Mutua, Captain John Mugwanja and Captain John Baraza were taken hostage and ordered to fly two F-5E Tiger Jets and a Strikemaster for the bombings.

Strikemaster Jet. Picture courtesy.

Major David Mutua was aware that Corporal Bramwel Njereman had never flown a jet fighter before in his life and would likely not be able to cope with the g-forces involved.

The three pilots, while communicating on a secret channel, agreed to execute daring manoeuvres to disorient their captor, Bramwel Njereman.

The trick supposedly worked as Corporal Bramwel lost his senses as to where he was.

The pilots dumped the bombs in Mt. Kenya forest and headed back to Nanyuki and that is how State House and The GSU Headquarters bombing failed to happen.

Picture courtesy.

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