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Kenya Defense Force Uses 3 Aircrafts to Train its Calvary Battalion Pilots

To be a pilot is hard and even harder if one wishes to become a military pilot. Military pilots have to justify their competency in civilian and non-civilian aviation. Initially, scholars who yearn to be service or civilian pilots undergo comparable studies. For example, both must pass theoretical exams at the first attempt before proceeding to virtual flights in aerodynamic simulation machines. During virtual coaching, they face problems likely encountered on actual flights. Again, they have to demonstrate their ability to solve such issues quickly and meticulously to be promoted to actual flight tests. When all is green, their tutors certify them to operate trainer aircraft.

At this level, the divergence between the two trainees is vivid. Those who would become civvy pilots undertake the practicals in unarmed jets, while those who would be fighter or gunship pilots use armed crafts. (A heavily armored gunship: Pinterest)

The reasoning is that besides learning to fly, military pilots have to acquaint themselves with targeting, fire-control, and weapon management systems. Trainer airplanes are expensive. Therefore, a country would prefer its own than leasing. Kenya is one nation that has strived to buy several such planes for its calvary battalion captains to sharpen their skills. The trainer planes in Kenya are of three different types; a brief description of each is as follows.

Tucano 51

Tucano is a British machine produced from the mid-80s to the mid-90s by Short Brothers—a public limited aerospace company. (Tucano 51 on a training mission: Pinterest)

It's a trainer and an attack aircraft with a subsonic top speed of 507 km/h, ideal for comprehensive flight coaching. The mother company about 159 Tucanos, of which twelve were sold to Kenya.


Among Kenya's defense force's training jets is the American F-5F, a fully flanged combat airplane. Variant F is customized to meet general airforce training standards for battle and navigation. (F-5F about to land: Pinterest)

The republic of Kenya has six variant Fs dedicated to training the air cavalry battalion members.


A German aircraft manufacturer called Grob Aircraft has been producing G-120A and offering after-sale services since 1999. It is a capable plane for two crew members (learner and instructor). (G-120A in Kenyan airspace: Pinterest)

The Kenya defense force uses it for flight control rather than attack roles because it's not armed. Five G-120As reside at the airforce forward base in Nyeri. Like, comment, share and remember to follow this channel for informative articles on military hardware.

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