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Meet Little Known but Lethal KDF's Kenya Ranger Strike Force Trained by US Military

The Kenya Defense Forces has been receiving training from its allies across the world since its inception in 1964 when Kenya attained independence from Britain.

Picture Courtesy. KDF.

Formation of the Kenya Defense Forces was immediately started and from then on to this day, the forces have been growing larger and better.

One of the most specially trained forces in the world is the Navy SEALS of the United States Army that receive the best soldier training in the world.

The SAS by the British Army is also said to be one of the most lethal special forces in the world according to a recent survey.

Kenya has also not been left behind in the race to have a specially trained force to combat some menace that we face from times to time.

This is why The Kenya Ranger Strike Force was Formed in 2006.

Picture courtesy. KRSF.


The Kenya Ranger Strike Force is a lethal phenomenon in the Kenya Defense Forces that was formed in 2006 by a special request from the Ministry of Defense.

The first class of the Kenya Ranger Strike Force taught by all Kenya Army Ranger Instructors graduated on 18th of March 2011.

The total United States investment was $40M that is roughly equivalent to 4 billion Kenya Shillings.

Picture courtesy. KRSF.

Leveraged courses for Ranger and Ranger Instructor courses and funding to secure training and equipment that is needed for the Rangers as they have to be sophisticated.

Kenya Defense Forces formed a Special Operations Regiment composed of 30th Special Operations Battalion and 40th Kenya Ranger Strike Force Battalion.

Kabete Barracks that is located off Waiyaki Way in Westlands in Nairobi is reported to house forces which are 'special' according to reliable reports.

They are in charge of ensuring that safety of civilians in high volatile situations is maintained at all times.

Picture courtesy. KRSF.

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