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You Remember Ukraine Russia War? See The Massive Loss Russia Has Suffered As Per 27th November

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The ongoing Ukraine Russian has lasted more days than expected, the war has greatly affected world economy considering the fact that the two countries are great exporters of some of the essential commodities in the world. However in the, war, many countries have taken sides with Ukraine stating that its invasion by Russia was unlawful.

However many thought that Russia is a powerful country such that Ukraine can not contain it for long in a war, but Ukraine has proven otherwise. In fact considering latest news, since the war stated, Russia has lost massive properties something that is likely to make her surrender in the near future. For that case, below are the losses Russia has suffered since the war started.

Over 87,310 troops, 5,856 APV, 4,412 vehicles and fuel tanks, 2,905 tanks, 1,897 artillery, 1,555 UAV, 395 MLRS, 278 planes, 261 helicopters, 531 Cruise missiles, 209 anti craft warfare, 163 special equipment, 16 boats/ cutters among others. What a huge loss!

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