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The Tough Training That The US Military Undergoes (PHOTOS)

Military training is often known to be no joke, it is done mainly to eradicate the civilian attitude and in still in trainee an obedient, loyal, and disciplined member of the armed forces. However in the world, US military training has been regarded as one of the most intense done under control of Pentagon USA. Therefore US soldiers are highly trained right from Army, Navy and Air force, of course the training greatly depend on the branch of the military. That is US Navy trains on navy related trainings, army trains on land related trainings and Air force trains on Air related trainings.

In other words all US solders have to undergo training. Therefore today allow me to highlight to you some of the most intense US military trainings. To begin with, is US army, the army of this amazing country trains on physical fitness of soldiers as well as proper use of modern weapons including ballistic missiles where they may launch some missiles as part of their training and also learn how to counteract them.

Also the soldiers learns on survival tactics on the jungle where they are given some tips on what to eat or drink, for instance they are taught to take Cobra's blood which they believe to be source of nutrients.

They are also trained on how to overcome obstacles in the jungle warfare. For instance through rappelling and casualty evacuation. In addition Navy search and rescue swimmers train to be high level swimmers for 30 minutes in heavy seas, of course they are dropped by US military chopper in the seas. Moreover they also trains in treading water for about 20 minutes and without a break do the hanging float for 20 minutes.

US Air force also trains on how to maintain aircraft system equipment and also how to fly and operate against simulated threats and of course how to use parachute. In simple terms, US military is just a strong one. Below are amazing pictures of how US military trains.

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