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Denmark's Defence Minister Says the Country Is Vulnerable Incase of a War with Russia

An F-16 Fighting Falcon. (Source: courtesy.)

Denmark's Defence Minister, Gen. Flemming Lentfer was quoted saying, "There is no doubt about that, when we look at Denmark's air defence capability, we have some shortcomings. Some of the shortcomings that have been pointed out in terms of air defence are of a greater nature."

Denmark currently has only two F-16 which are stretched thin when it comes to defending Denmark's airspace.

The underside of an F-16. (Source: courtesy.)

The General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon is a multirole, air superiority fighter. The F-16 was manufactured by General Dynamics now a part of Lockheed Martin Corporation.

The F-16 took its official flight on 2 February 1974 and was introduced into service on 17 August 1978.

As of June 2018 a total of 4,604 F-16s were built.

The F-16 has a speed of 2,121 km/h and a range of 4,220 km.

Air to air missile. (Source: courtesy.)

The F-16 can be armed with air-to-air missiles, surface-to-surface missiles and guided bombs.

B-61 nuclear bomb. (Source: courtesy.

It can also carry the B61 and B83 nuclear bombs.

In 1998 a single F-16 cost 14 to 18 million dollars.

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Denmark F-16 F-16 Fighting Falcon F-16. Flemming Lentfer


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