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Find Out The Only East African Country to Own This Badass Infantry Vehicle

Kenyan and Ugandan governments are the only ones in the East African region, working round the clock to equip their militaries with modern artillery pieces. It is not in anticipation of war but to fortify their respective borders and or efficiently participate in peace missions like the ongoing AMISOM in Somalia.

One area where both nations are doing exemplary is modernizing the military transport department because vehicles are an integral part of any combat operation. They not only transport troops and supplies but also serve as weapon-mounting platforms and protects troops from direct enemy fire when ambushed. Therefore, this article will review the ‘Katmerciler Hızır’- a Turkish ultramodern infantry mobility vehicle.Turkey suffered numerous sanctions from former American administrations and could not import any military equipment. The country resolved to manufacture its war machines, and without any doubt, it is currently among the best defense exporters on the planet.Records show that Kenya is the only African country operating 120 Hizirs, with Uganda set to receive its first order in late 2023.

Hızır’s Specifications

‘Katmerciler’ is a Turkish defense contractor designing and manufacturing this tactical infantry vehicle. It features groundbreaking technologies for monitoring environmental variables and supports intel collection 24/7, regardless of the prevailing weather.Its robust chassis supports an armored body that accommodates seven personnel, of which two are the driver and remote weapon commander. The roof has a high-caliber weapon system that minimizes the commander’s exposure to enemy infantries.With a Cummins v6 turbocharged engine coupled with 6-speed automatic transmission, its 4x4 drive system receives unrivaled traction to achieve a top speed of 160 kph. Its suspension system has chassis-mounted shock absorbers and double coiled springs to ensure passengers get a smooth ride on rugged terrains.Now you know! Show support by following this channel, like, comment and share.

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