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Meet Kenya Defence Forces' Lethal All Women Squad Fighting Al-Shabab in Somalia

The Alshabab militia had wrecked havoc in the somaliland which forces Kenya Defence Forces to be deployed under the African Mission for Somalia (AMISOM).

Among KDF squads Somalia is the The Female Engagement Team (FET) which is led by Captain Gertrude Abiyo.

The soldiers in this unit are highly trained and operate in the frontline during a conflict. 

The unit is equipped with both combat and soft power diplomacy.

 Their deployment is in compliance with United Nations Resolution 1325, which emphasizes the role of women in conflict prevention, resolution, and peace building.

It also ensures that female soldiers have the same opportunities as their male counterparts on the battlefield.

The all-female crew patrols around the war-torn country in this capacity. Because they are equipped with both talents and ammo, they have the power to neutralize the opponent.

The FET, on the other hand, is dedicated to earning the hearts of the Somali women they protect when they are not on the battlefield.

 The Somali women just like troops, fight their own fights against social injustices. They do not, however, have to fight this battle alone, due to FET's help.

After recognizing their needs, barriers, and societal gaps, the female troops participate by providing them with training that will benefit them both socially and economically.

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