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Netizens' Reactions As Ukraine's Top Football Club Players Dressed Militarily For War Against Russia

Following the report from the British Broadcasting Corporation reports, as pressure to capture the capital city of Ukraine, Kyiv, heightens, the Ukrainian government has armed volunteers at Kyiv with 18,000 machine guns and tasked them to defend the capital city.

However, the top football club players in Ukraine known as Dinamo Kyiv were among those who were provided with Machine guns to fight and defend their mother's land, as they were seen posing in a photo with their full military kits ready for the battle.

The other day, these players were on their sports jerseys ready to play football for their nation while yesterday, they were all in military kits ready to fight for their motherland. What a democratic players!.

As a result of the critical situation in Ukraine, authorities have called on the population to resist the invading troops by all means and on hearing such order, these players didn't hesitate but to join the troop. Look at some of the citizens' reactions below;

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