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Risks Female KDF Cadets Face Even After Recruitment into The Service

The Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) has continued to position itself as a wolrd class force by offering equal opportunities to both males and females. Ever since its founding, the force has continued to bring along rules that allow the recruitment, training, and deploying of women, and giving them equal opportunities as men.

However, when it comes to female cadets serving in the KDF, there are still a number of risks faced. A common one is risking to get dismissed from the service at any time. Normally, it is not easy for someone to be sent home after being employed in the KDF; however, there are moments one can be dismissed.

When it comes to female cadets, the KDF force is strictly against them getting pregnant at any time of training. IF a female cadet becomes expectant, she will have to be relieved of her duties to go and deliver safely later on. However, there is no coming back. Do you think this is fair?

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