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KDF Officers Salaries Per Month In Kenyan Shillings And Qualifications To Join KDF

Kenya Defense Force (KDF) are Soldiers forces which protects the country against external attacks from enemy country. The attack can be from the boundaries or when foreign enemies attack the country. They consists of The Navy, Airforce and Army. In this article,we are going to see how much they are paid per month, it is good to know how much they are paid given they play a mojor role in the Country.Photo Courtesy.


The most common qualifications is a minimum of D+ in KCSE exams and an average high that is most people who are tall are easily selected.

Their Salaries Scale

Their salaries is continuing to increase because their is also increase in external insecurities.We all have gotten the news that the KDF soldiers are being attacked leading to death and injury of some soldiers which is not good.Lets all keep the peace.Photo Courtesy.

1. The Chief Of Difense

The Chief Of Difense is usually the president of a country. He or She is paid a monthly salary of 1.12million Kenyan Shillings.

2. Major General

He/she earns an average monthly salary of Ksh 102k.

3. Lieutenant-Colonel

Followed by colonel, the lieutenants earns a salary of 130k Ksh per month.

4. Colonels

He/she is paid 153k per month.

5. Private Soldiers

They earn an average of KES 19,000 per month.

6. Captains

Every army group has his/her own captain.They are the ones who runs and arrange the forces to be ready for missions.They are paid an average of Ksh.73k to Ksh.100k.

7. Commander of Kenya Navy, Air force And Army

This categories of KDF officials earns a monthly income is Ksh.902k and above or equal.

8. Vice Chief Of Difense

They earn a monthly salary of 927k Ksh.

9. Corporal

They salaries is estimated to be KES 32,000 per month.

KDF Officers Salaries is one of the government employees whose salaries are fixed.

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