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JUST IN: Historic Move as 2 Governors Visit Al Shabaab Once Territory as Terrorists are Flushed Out

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According to the information shared by Somali National TV, it was an historic move as 2 Governor met the border between Hiiran and Middle Shabelle provinces in a great show that the Al Shabaab Militants era in the region was coming to an end.

The Governors of Hiiran and Middle Shabelle traveled on road which is reported to have been impossible before 5 months ago due to the terrorists presence in the area.

"The Governors of Hiiraan and Middle Shabelle regions met the border between the 2 provinces, a historic move showing that Al shabab terrorists era in regions is ending. The two leaders travelled on the road which had been impossible before 5 months due to terrorists presence." Somali National TV wrote.

This comes as Somalia Security Forces intensify operations in the southern parts of the country to flush out the terrorists who have been blamed for a number of attacks inside and outside Somalia including Kenya.

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