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3 Most Expensive Military Equipment in Kenya

All of us are witnesses to the government's efforts to modernize the military. About four months ago, the department of defense received a consignment of armored personnel carriers (APC) from Turkey and established a medium ordnance factory in Ruiru. Three years ago, it welcomed a dozen light attack helicopters from the United States after receiving a freight of tanks from China. However, Kenyans don't know how much these weapons cost. I will try my best to bring an estimate or actual price of various military equipment in Kenya. Let's get to it.

i. Jasiri Class Ship

Expensive Kenyan defense hardware seems to fall under the navy. This owes to the fact that all naval operations happen in specialized sea vessels. Kenyan government is ready to spend in acquiring the watercraft and pay the associated operational cost. This is justified by purchasing Jasiri Class vessel at Ksh 4.1 billion. It's one of the most expensive things the Kenyan military owns.

ii. Vickers Mk3 tanks

The next on this list is the main battle tank (MBT) dubbed Mk3. The state purchased these killer machines from the United Kingdom in the early 80s. All the 76 vehicles cumulatively cost Ksh 13.39 billion because one machine cost Ksh177.1 million.

iii. Katmecilear Hizir

These are the latest in the family. The Turkish company Katmerciler agreed to supplier Kenya with modern armored personnel carriers at Ksh 8.08 billion. The deal was sealed, and vehicles delivered.

Jasiri class took the first position because it is a single machine with such a huge price tag. I know there is more expensive machinery out there, but we shall stop there for today. Air your thoughts in the comment section below. Like the article, share and follow this channel to stay updated.

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