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Mandera Psv bus gets blown up by land mine leaving 3 dead

In the past the country has witnessed various insecurity all ranging from criminal activity and terrorism. Although military personnel have been up and front in the fight to secure the kenyan border from Intruders intending to inflicted harm on the country citizens. Much work is still to be done for peace and stability to prevail in and across the country borders.

Earlier today a public bus on route to Mandera has been blown up in smoke after the driver accidentally drove over an IED several casualty have been reported. And the exact number has not yet been confirmed, the psv bus was heading to Mandera town when the incident occurred.

Security forces should combe out all roads in oder to remove land mine that have been planted by Alshabab militant. So far no militant group has claimed responsibility for the attack but villagers are aware that most henious acts on human life has been as a result of Alshabab militant.

We are calling on The Government to remain vigilant and to safeguard it's citizens from barbarian that seek to bring terror amongst it's citizen and neighboring country Somalia.

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