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Inside The Training Of KDF's Little-Known But Most Lethal Squad, Check Out Their Deadly Operations

The current Kenya Defense Force (KDF) is forced to reckon since its establishment and its composition under Article 241 of the 2010 constitution.

KDF has a special forces unit known for secret missions and rescue operations that are barely known to the public.

The special forces unit consists of troops who are skilled in agility, precision and strength. Normal operations and special operations differ in operational level from other friendly forces.

It is also independent from other forces and acts autonomously without external assistance from other departments.

Soldiers in the army received advanced briefings to carry out their missions, but were never exposed to the intricate details of their operations.

This unit carries out hostage rescue missions, counter-terrorism attacks, raids, interdiction missions, surveillance and intelligence gathering.

These soldiers are paid and respected more than their peers because of their menial duties. It is said that the unit is best equipped in Africa and the A4 rifle is specially designed for close combat.

They train overseas with soldiers from the Kenyan Army, Kenyan Air Force and Kenyan Navy. KDF is voluntary by selecting Kenyans with C+ level in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE).

The first operation by the special forces was in Kismayu, Somalia, in October 2011, in the dark of night. The unit was assigned to fight Al Shabaab after kidnapping tourists on the Kenya-Somalia border.

A month later, they joined the African Union Mission in Somalia. The force was then integrated into the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) in February 2012.

After a successful mission in Somalia, they were lately sent in a peacekeeping mission in the northern past of Congo. This is a unit inside the KDF that is extraordinary in the manner that they carry their operations.

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