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Working in KDF is Not Slavery - 2 Things That Prove Soldiers Have Freedom

Freedom is the ability to live your live freely without any disturbances. Unfortunately, many people think that working in KDF is slavery. They think so because soldiers are always subjected to strict rules which makes it appear that their lives are controlled.

However, in this article, I beg to differ with that thought. My argument for this is that strictness is impossed to instill discipline. Remeber, a force without discipline has no sense of direction or mission. Below are 2 things that prove soldiers have freedom.

1 They can live where they want

Despite the fact that governments offers them residence within the army barracks, soldiers have the right to reside anywhere they want in the country, something that can be interpreted as freedom.

2 They Travel Widely During Their Service

During deployments, soldiers get the chance to visit different countries. In fact, there is no career with such a freedom to travel, although in this one, when armed.

Do you think they have the freedom?

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