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Ukrainian Special Forces Soldier Remarks to Russian Soldiers

Image: Courtesy.

A Ukrainian special forces soldier whose identity was not clearly captured has amazed the world by his undying bravery, according to him, even if Russia succeeds in its invasion of Ukraine and achieves a conventional defeat of the country's armed forces, the war won't end there and instead a violent and organised struggle will continue led by the most secretive branch of Ukrainian military.

According to experts and the Pentagon, the soldier's remarks are very true as they also said that even if Kremlin have his way in Ukraine, a brutal guerrilla war will continue with well trained and secretive forces ready to carry out insurgent activities. In his message he directed to Russian soldiers, the Ukrainian soldier said that 'Welcome to hell'. According to him, Ukraine's special operation forces are in charge of preparation and coordination of national resistance.

Therefore, they promise to resist till bitter end. What a courageous soldier! In the meantime, thank you for reading my article.

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