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Top Four Vehicles Used by KDF and Why

The Kenya Defense Forces ensures that the country is well protected from its vast cache of enemies who seek to dismember the freedoms that the citizens enjoy.

This is why the war in Somalia against the dreaded terrorist group, Al Shabaab has been going on for the last ten years and the Kenya Defense Forces through AMISOM AU mission is slowly winning the fight.

However, have you ever asked yourself what type of vehicles the Kenya Defense Forces use in moving their forces and supplies?

Below are the top four vehicles that the Kenya Defense Forces use in moving supplies as well as soldiers in Kenya and in Somalia:

Hizir 4x4 Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicle

This one was purchased because of the fact that KDF had been losing soldiers because of Improvised Explosive Devices placed on roads.

This vehicle is secure and can withstand small bombs like the IED and grenades thrown at it.

Picture courtesy. Hizir 4x4 Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicle.

FAW Trucks

When it comes to moving forces across distances, the FAW truck does the job and it is not easy to break down.

The trucks can also be used for moving supplies from one region to the other where they are needed.

Picture courtesy. FAW truck.

Land Rover Defender

This vehicle is preferred by the Kenya Defense Forces for its four wheel ability and the fact that it is very agile and not easy to break down.

It is used for moving a small contingent of soldiers as well as communication devices.

Picture courtesy. Land Rover Defender.

Toyota Land Cruiser

The land cruiser from Toyota is an all terrain vehicle and that is why many militaries and not just KDF love it.

It's four by four wheel ability ensures that there's no place that it can't pass no matter how impassable it is.

Picture courtesy. Toyota Landcruiser.

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