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Signs That We Are In The Last Days

Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen, Today in my Article we are Going to discuss the major signs that we are in the Last days, for indeed as we can see the prophecies that were, spoken in the bible are coming to pass. below are signs that we are living in the end times.

Firstly the Love of many has gone cold. as we can see, is that the Love that humans had at the beggining is no longer any loneger, people are killing one another, as we know that nowadays our headlines are filled with sad news of Homicides, and suicides. Secondly another sign that shows that we are living in the, last days is wars and there are also rumors of wars too. we have witness the wars in our headlines, especially from the middle east countries, they have fought for decades without any hope of stopping.

Thirdly another sign that shows we are living in the last days is moral decay of society. when we look around us we see the evil, in our society for people have called evil good and good evil a complete change of what expected of us. Fourthly another sign that shows we are living in the end times, is the love of money. take a look at our society, more so the mordern churches, have departed from sound Doctrine. and they are busy preaching the doctrines of prosperity and money a complete, opposite of What Jesus taught.

Fifthly another, sign that shows we are living in the last days is the presence of knowledge. for in the book of Daniel it says that in the last days, there will be increase of knowledge, even though this is not evil, but it is a sign of the Last days.

In conclusion, its good to understand that, this days that we are living in are, dangerous times the only way to survive in this days, is to be right with God for he says that he that believeth in him has life John chapter three verses thirty three. Just prepare for the Messiah is coming soon.

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