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Know If You Are An Introvert Through These Signs

 People are associated with many personalities and their traits. The weirdest personality trait associated with people is the introversion trait. People with this kind of personality, always feel drained after long socializing or being in a crowd of people. They are called introverts. 

 They are viewed as shy and less talkative. They value their time alone because they have a small circle of friends. Though this is considered the truth by those who are ignorant about this personality, introverts aren’t shy. They just don’t trust people by facing them in their eyes. 

As a person, it is very important to understand your personality so that you can know all the characteristics associated with your trait. By doing so, you are now able to know and accept yourself as you are. 

In this article, we shall cling to traits that are signs of being an introvert. 

1. Most of the time, introverts value their time all alone. Spending their time being alone, is their happiness. Though they may find themselves stuck in a crowd, lastly you will find them all alone. This is an important factor since it’s a major tool for recharging after being drained. Having time alone, also makes them feel focused and prepare their mind for important aspects in life. 

2. Another sign of being an introvert, is spending time in your head. This means that most of the time you are silent. However, this does not mean they are silent. There is always silent chitchat that is always flowing into their minds. 


3. They always feel weary, void, empty, and apprehensive while in a crowd. Because they love being alone, introverts hate being stuck in a crowd of people. If they are stuck unknowingly, you will always find them disconnected from the crowd and are all alone. Even if you know everyone in that room or field, you are likely to feel so lonely no matter what. The disconnection from the crowd just comes naturally since that is their nature. 

4. Socializing with others, is a character that makes extroverts charged, unlike introverts. Introverts hate socializing and networking. Spending hours discussing small things not relating to life or death, to introverts is absurd.

6. When dealing with or working on something crucial, they find it easy to concentrate until they are done with it. 

7. Introverts find it so hard to trust people and that’s why they always have no or small circle of friends surrounding them. They may be having three friends or even 10 but would rather be around them but communicate via silence. 

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