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Five Types Of Therapy That Don't Focus On Taking

1. Music Therapy.

Music therapy can mean various things. You might listen to music and discuss the lyrics, singing, play an instrument, write songs or compose music yourself.

You don't have to be professional musician to benefit from music therapy. There are no skill level requirement on this.

2. Art Therapy.

This uses creative expression as a therapeutic tool. Art therapy may including; painting, drawing, photography, sculpting and other visuals. You don't need to be talent artist in order to benefit from this therapy.

3. Somatic experiencing.

This is mostly applied in trauma related symptoms. The focus is on bottom- up processing where we focus on the body before the mind as opposed to talking therapies.

The goal is to release stress from the body

So that people can feel more connected to their bodies and intern experiences.

4. Dance Therapy.

It involves the use of movements to to connect to your body and express emotions without using words. Like the other, this one also doesn't require skills to benefit from it.

5.Online Therapy.

There are counselling psychologist who offer therapies through social media platforms either in a written form ,video and chatting.

One can opt for these if you're afraid to talk about your problems face to face.

Let us share this knowledge to as many people as we can since is clear that most people are suffering depression and does not know how handle.

Content created and supplied by: Sharonm (via Opera News )


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