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The Cost Of Laundry Machine In Kenya

Laundry machines are automated machines that can wash larger volumes of clothes per unit time. The machine reduces the mechanical work that aught to have been done by an individual while washing the clothes.

These machines are today found in almost every household in urban centers where the individuals are very busy to mechanically wash their clothes. Laundry machines are very easy to operate and highly saves on time.

Initially before the invention of this automated machine, people used to wash their clothes mechanically. This was very hectic and time consuming. Also, this method was not effective enough in the washing of clothes since some stains on clothes could not be removed completely.

The mechanical method also used alot of detergents for washing a small number of clothes. This is because, most of the water for which detergents have been added always spills off while washing. Additionally, the mechanical method also called for some extra costs such buying of pales and basins.

To help improve all these limitations of mechanical method of washing clothes, automated laundry machines have been developed. These machines are sold in the market at a range of Ksh 30,000 to 60,000. The price differs based on the size and level of efficiency.

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