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Two Main Mindsets People Choose In Life

Mindset #1: Victim Mindset

The person who has a Victim Mindset adopts the perspective that life is happening to them. They feel they have no control or power to change their circumstance. It is the external world: people and circumstances cause them to feel a certain way.

For example, if traffic is backed up, they feel irritated and stressed. If someone says a critical comment, they feel angry or sad.

Mindset #2: The Growth or Empowered Mindset

This one is tougher at first — but this Mindset reclaims your power over any circumstance you’re facing.

The Growth Mindset person takes 100% responsibility for the experience they are having. Not 50%. Not 95% — that’s 100% responsibility for their experience in any given circumstance. Now that’s power!

The Growth Mindset person knows that they are in charge of their thoughts, feelings, and actions and the beautiful part is, because of this they can create whatever experience they choose to have.

When a person with a Growth Mindset feels irritated, they take the opportunity to ask the question, “Is this experience a reflection of something I don’t like about myself, or am I envious of this other person in some way?”

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