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Are Your Chicken Unable to Stand Properly? Here's the Remedy

Chicken at some point may experience difficulty in walking which may seem painful or the just lie down due to inability to stand. To the new poultry farmers it maybe stranger as they do not know how to handle them.

Factors that may cause weak leg bones in chicks

Cold or wet chicken house.

Not allowing chicken to bask on the sun.

Calcium deficiency or poor feeding.

Signs of diseases such as Newcastle or Marek's disease. Which mostly affects the nerves.

Poor feed can also cause nervous signs. Usually this is because of a lack of vitamin B2 or vitamin E. Poison can also cause nervous signs. There are many pesticides that should not be used on or near poultry.

Calcium deficiency is the main contributor to the chicken's inability to stand properly. As a farmer you should supply them with enough amounts of calcium as it helps in strengthening bones and formation of egg shells.

Here are the foods you can add to chicken feeds to supply the body with Calcium;

1. Grinded bones (bone meals)

Beef or goat bones are boiled and grinded to powder form. Add some amount of powder to chicken feeds for atleast twice a week.

2. Crushed egg shells

Did you know that the egg shells of chicken are rich in calcium? Now you know. Boil the egg shells for 3-5minutes, let the cool. Then crush them to powder form. Add to chicken feeds. It will supply them with calcium.

3. Mix Omena or ochonga to Chicken Feeds.

4. Give Chicken greens.

5. Allow them to bask on the sun for atleast 1 hour every day.

6. Keep their house warm and dry at all times.

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