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10 Tips To Keep Yourself Motivated

Keep A Full Schedule - Having things going back to back to back will give you no time to contemplate whether you even need motivation.

Run Everywhere You GoThis gives you a sense of purpose and pride. You will feel like you have so much going on you cannot stop.

Trigger Your Reason - Sometimes all it takes is you remembering why you are doing this for.

Work For More Than YourselfWe cheat ourselves way too often. If you can create a reason outside of yourself you will rise much further.

Listen To Motivating/Inspiring Music - Music Psychology & Therapy has shown that there is a lot of benefits gained from listening to certain music to obtain certain states of mind. Use that.

Truly Visualize - What do you want? Be exact, honest, real and specific. When you visualize exactly what you want it should fill you with more than motivation.

Challenge Yourself - Address your Ego a little and challenge it to see if you can do everything you set your mind to.

Actually Reward A Job Well Done - Every time you do something well you need to reward yourself. Every. Single. Time. Too often do we beat ourselves up for our mistakes and not give enough emphasis on our wins. It does not have to be much, a fist bump in the air is enough, but it has to be something.

Track Your Progress - We brush over our wins so much that we need to notice the progress we have made objectively, for subjectively it will always feel the same.

Let The Past Go - It is done and over with and only holds you back. Deal with what you need to now to get it out of your head so you can focus on the future.

Be Honest - With others, but most importantly with yourself. Give it to people straight, be upfront, and do not try to protect yourself from the backlash. You will meet far better people this way and become a person you are much prouder of if you stay truly honest.

Learn - Progress is the key to motivation. If you are not progressing you will feel like you are falling behind, which invites in thoughts of failure everywhere.

Overcommit & Overdeliver - Do more than is expected of you and keep performing. Not for the people asking for the commitment, but for you. It is so that you rise higher.

Do More Than Yesterday - It does not have to be much, for productivity is a compounding thing, but it has to be a little. 5 Minutes more of work, one more rep in a set, 10 more steps outside, one more fruit or vegetable in your meal, and one more glass of water.

Love The Process - Having goals is important, progressing is important, in fact, all of the above are important. But if you do not love the process of it all, if you get too serious as a baseline, you will stress yourself, burn out and have an awful time. This is for you. This is your life. You can have amazing, high-end goals but still try to enjoy the journey there.

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