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See One of the Most Deadly Viruses out There

HIV came from a chimpanzee in Central Africa, and there the people may have slaughtered it and consumed its meat. This contributed to the disease's transition to the human body. The virus is referred to as SIV or virus of simian immunodeficiency. The growth of the disease is largely due to the sharing of bodily fluids between people. As it has taken effect since the late 19th century, it has seen more cases in humans.

The killing of CD4 cells is responsible for HIV/AIDS. The functioning of these cells is interrupted and their structure is damaged by HIV. These are a form of cells that provide immunity, medically referred to as T-cells. They are important to the body because they provide the body with the most essential immunity.

 If the T-cells are harmed, more bacteria, viruses, or some type of pathogen will be acquired by the person who has the HIV virus. Therefore, in the body, the proportion of foreign species can lead to development of more diseases. That's how dangerous HIV is. It facilitates the production in the body of other dangerous pathogens.

Take Note of Sign of HIV:

 Symptoms of HIV can vary from individual to individual, but several symptoms are very similar. These signs suggest that the virus has reached the organism. They may arrive early in the first week of touch and, depending on the individual, may last for weeks or maybe months. Here are a few of the potential HIV symptoms: Fever, body aches, throat sores.

There are some other signs alongside these that may include: mouth ulcers, swollen lymph nodes, weakness, chills and rashes. 

In many viral infections, these symptoms are normal, so consulting a doctor is important. There are also occasions where patients have not felt symptoms of any kind. When there is a virus or bacteria or other pathogen in the body, most of these symptoms occur. So a proper physician must be consulted. There were also no symptoms reported in the cases of acute HIV. 

Indeed, it is quite a serious situation to contract HIV. However, there have been cases under which people have not healed 100 percent, but have lead a decent and stable life by taking HIV drugs. However, this is not the case where you are able to make conclusions. If you have the above symptoms or have unprotected sex, you should be tested by a proper HIV specialist. When dominated by a star, your life will not be flipped upside down by illness.

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