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No Buckets Again, See The New And Simplest Method To Water Your Chicken(Photos)

Buckets have been used for a very long time to water chicken in kitchen farms. However,use of buckets to water chicken faces the problem of wetting the floor. The young chicks can easily get cold from the wet floor that may even kill the young chicken.

A new method has been devised to solve this problem. The new method is knows as Nipple drinking system. In nipple drinking system,the chicks are served from overhead tank that is used to supply water via piping system.

There are different types of nipple drinking system which includes Detachable attachment,use of clips and drip cups.

The chicks can then peck at the nipples to draw water anytime they feel like drinking water. The method ensures that the chicken cages remains clean,saves time to regularly add water if buckets were to be used.

The system is very cheap Interms of maintenance and the installation does not require very heavy plumbing work.

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