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Speak Flawless English with these techniques

Important Facts to Note

It is evident that speaking good english may be a hard nut to crack. English is a language that grows everyday and therefore, it may be complicated. However, there are facts in english which cannot be disputed or challenged. Incorporation of correct preposition while speaking has been a big problem to many people. Today, i will profoundly concentrate on the use of (at, on and in).

It is apparent that you can barely construct a paragraph without missing these common prepositions. The prepostion (at) is commonly used with time. For example at 6 sharp, at 7a.m and many other examples. Secondly, the preposition (on) is commonly used with days of the week. For example, on monday, on tuesday, on sunday and many more. The preposition (in) is most of the time used when referring to months. For instance in a sentence we can say "i will be travelling in September." When these prepositions are used correctly, have a guarantee to speak correct and good english all the time.

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