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3 Lessons You Should Learn While Still Young

Gamblers say that the secret to survival is knowing when to throw and when to fold. Thus understanding our potentials and weaknesses allow us to set the target in achieving our goals.

But there are some of the challenges that we face while chasing for the bag. Since life isn't easy the way we anticipated while we were still kids.

Learning is what that keep us on track in monitoring every aspect of our lives. Here are 3 lessons that is going to transform us.

1. There is a Thin Line Between a Friend And An Enemy

We should always be aware of our close associates, even Jesus was betrayed by his disciple. Pleasing people sometimes will make us vulnerable in their lives.

Knowing your friend and your enemy is a good thing to avoid disappointments and even death.

"Be ware of those who claim to have no interest in power for this is often a strategy to disarm you. When the time comes they will strike without hesitation and it will be too late to act."

2. Everything In Life Is Expensive

Clothes, food, school, cars, burials, weddings, etc are expensive things we're facing in life.

We can always expect nothing for free even churches give no lunch for those who are lazy. Go out and work for the best because God rewards us if we're committed to what we do.

"Be adaptable in your rule. The tides of change are unceasing and will slowly erode any rigid structures that stands against it. Be fluid or risk being turned to dust."

3. Emotions Are Too Powerful Than a Rational Thought

Emotions are what defines our personality. When decisions are made through anger or hatred or happiness, they tends to be hazy.

Since a rational thought maximizes our time in reasoning because we ought to make the best choice to avoid mistakes.

"Do not make decisions when clouded by emotions, wait for a clearing and then act."

It can be very annoying and regretful to find ourselves trapped because we fail to reason and be carried by emotions.


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