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Being smart ahead of others as a farmer.

In our yesterday' s article under "GETTING OUTSTANDING YIELDS FROM YOUR TOMATOES",we concentrated most on preparation of seedbed.

In today's article, we are sharing on


2 days before removing seedlings from nursery,you can apply Afrikelp in line with precautions rational to the seedlings which helps in ensuring faster recovery from transplant shock.

Transplanting should be done when seedlings stems are between 4-6mm or about 1foot high.Avoid planting weak and diseased plants.

Plant the seedlings at a spacing of 45cm by 60cm. Dig the planting holes to a depth of 6inches. If you apply manure, carefully incorporate into the soil before planting. You can apply DAP fertilizer at the ratio advised by agronomist. Treat the soil for soil -borne insect pest and soil fusarium wilt.

Remove the seedlings from nursery bed after watering well. keep them in shade place, away from direct sunlight. Plant one seedling in each hole and cover the roots with soil firming the soil around the roots. Water well but not excessively.

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