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Stop Throwing Away Plastic Containers, Below Are Some Important things You Can Do With Them

Plastic Containers can be made useful by:

1.Creating Cups For Housing Pens And Crayons.

An empty zesta Container can be converted into a pen holder by taping over the top surface of the container.The outer part of the can also be taped using different colours.

2.Reuse Them For Storage.

These cans can be cleaned and used for storage of sugar ,salt and rice.

3.Making A Plastic Bottle Planters.

Five litre cylindrical water bottle can be cut and painted and then brightly colored flowers planted.

4.Use Them AS Watering Cans.

Plastic containers can be modified by making tiny holes using a nail.This will help to ensure water minimal water is used for irrigation.

5.Reuse empty soda bottles to create vertical gardens.

Empty plastic bottles can be mounted on the wall using nails and fill them with soil .Tiny holes are then made and and fleshy vegetables are then transplanted to these cans.

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