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8 Body Languages That Send A Wrong Message To Others And Why You Should Avoid Using Them

1. Looking at your watch

This is a very bad gesture and it is arise way if telling a person that you're no longer interested in their conversation or you are bored and no longer have time for them. If you have to rush somewhere it is better you inform them instead of making them feel that they are wasting your time. People will understand of you make things clear rather Than just assuming that they have to know and understand.

2. A weak kind of handshake

Have you ever receive a weak handshake as if the person never wanted to greet you? How did it feel? It never feels right and if you've found yourself in a similar situation you know what I mean. This is a another rude way of telling a person that you actually don't care whether or not they greet and it probably means nothing to them. Learn to give a firm handshake and not too strong to hurt the other person.

3. Putting Barriers between you and other people

Have you sat with someone on a table and he or she was probably having something in his hands and he or she puts it between the two of you. It could probably be a book, a cup. When sitting on a table especially across each other and you have to put something on the table, don't put it between the two of you rather put it aside. Whether it's a phone or a book and you're having a conversation, remove items between the two of you and this will actually to help the two of you connect the more.

4.Getting to close to other people especially during a conversation

When talking to a person face to face, learn to give then personal space and don't get too close to them or else you'll make them feel so uncomfortable. When you don't give a person a personal space especially in a face to face conversation, they will view you as a very aggressive person and trusting you will be very difficult especially if you are a stranger to them. Leave a space of between 1 to 4 feet.

5. Looking at yourself and trying to tidy yourself during a conversation

During a conversation, it's not time to tidy yourself up and try and do this and that. The other person needs your attention and other things. Some even go to the extent of asking the other people whether their hair looks nice. It's not good, it's not time to look at your clothes and other things. You will definitely make them lose respect for you if you are not careful.

6. Sitting at edge of the seat

Do you know that people can conclude a lot of things about you by just looking at the way you're sitted whether in a business meeting or at the restaurant. Never should you sit at the edge of a sit, it sows that you are very uncomfortable and you are a person that lacks confidence in yourself. Always sit in an upright posture and relax. In this people people will view look at you as a confident man and woman.

7. When you don't mirror their expressions

Mirroring a person is what makes the conversation to easily flow. Some people really don't know how to mirror people during a conversation. If you see a person smiling during a conversation, you mirror them by also smiling and not frowning. By this they will feel confident to even open up more because they will feel that you are understanding and flowing along in the conversation.

8. The way you position your legs

When talking to someone, the way you position of your feet also matter. When you direct your feet away from them, it is a sign that the conversation isn't that important and they are not even a priority. Always ensure that your feet are directed to the direction of the person you're talking to.

Which of these body language gestures do you often practice in your day today life? Share your thoughts on the comment section below and also don't forget to like and share this article.

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