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If you do the following, you are emotionally mature

Emotionally mature person.

Being emotionally mature is actually understanding, managing and able to control your emotions in the most ideal manner. An individual is at utmost level of maturity when he can understand himself with remembrances of his thoughts and traits and he give solutions in the humblest way.

If you are emotionally grown-up, then you could just find yourself naively doing the following in respect to situations:

1. Always humble – emotionally mature person, display humility not assuming to be better than others.

2. Authentic – they stay true to themselves and are not comfortable pretending to be what they are not.

3. Frank to listen even without agenda – their prime intention is just to truly listen and hear out every individual.

4. Not controlling – emotionally mature person does not attempt to control others and also do not allow themselves to be controlled by others.

5. Respectful – they treat everyone with their deserved dignity and respect.

6. Take up responsibility of their doing – mature people own up to their mistakes

7. Easily admit wrongdoing – emotionally mature people gets it easy to admit when they have made a mistake without excuses or blaming others.

8. They know how to let go – the readily let go off things that are no longer meant for them, these things could be feelings, people etc.

9. Don’t manipulate others – they have integrity to engage in relationship without constantly needing to manipulate the outcome to their favour.

10. Courageous – Emotionally mature person is willing to do hard things not because they are not afraid but because they have courage

No one is perfect though. So, every time even with these qualities, people always work on them. They always come with a constant and conscious effort.

One thing, being mature is a choice, and if you can’t choose to be mature then you cold also be probably emotionally immature. Don’t wait for any reward for being nice, the self-respect that you get when practising is priceless.

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