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The 4 simple rules of life

Life is very complex and the people themselves are more complicated. Therefore trying to find solutions through your journey in life is very difficult. We go to our friends, family, colleagues and other trusted people for advice when things don't seem to work out. It is only right that one with experience similar to our situation should be the one to dispense out the wisdom.

But there are some characters that never seem to have been in one's shoes yet they give out advice that they will never practice themselves. This has made humans very confused when they try the advice and it doesn't seem to work. The holy grail is to follow these four simple rules and you will realize that the only way for someone to get what you are going through you need to be in a similar boat.

1. Don't take money advice from broke people

Many broke people claim to know many ways one can get money but they never seem to have any. Their dry pockets should be an indication that they're unreliable source for advice in your situation. Only ask for advice from people who have money and try to apply it. It may work out rather than listening to broke people.

2. Don't take fitness advice from unfit people

When telling your friends about adding some few pounds, those people who have never set foot in a gym or do any exercises are the first people to tell you what to do. These kind of people should be avoided at all costs. They only pass around workouts that they have heard in passing and never tried to see if it helps. Take a gym membership, get a unique workout just for your body type and get someone to help you or workout with you. Talking around isn't gonna help.

3. Don't take relationship advice from people who struggle with relationships

Some people can't keep a relationship to save their lives. Their partners are unhappy and dissatisfied with the relationship but the seem oblivious to this. These clueless people should not be sought after in the first place. Look for a couple that may have been in a healthy relationship for a long time and ask for advice. Better yet seek therapy to straighten out things with your loved one.

4. Don't take advice from people who haven't done what they're giving advice on.

To sum up the whole point, never ever take advice from someone who hasn't been in a similar situation like yours. You'll only dig your self in and create more problems in your life. Sometimes the most complex situations can be fixed by simple rules. Let them talk but do your thing and the end of the day the problem is still yours to handle.

Stay safe and thank you for reading.

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