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Gestures that Give bad Impression about a Person

Hand gripping wrist 

This position sends a signal that is negative to other people; one might think that you are a less confident person who cannot be trusted. Sometimes this gesture is associated with anger and being moody.

Ankle cross

When you cross your ankle, it might be seen like you don’t really believe in what you are telling other people. If one goes ahead and puts their hands in the pocket, then people might think they are hiding anxiety and no one will pay attention to what you are saying

Clenched hands

This gesture might seem quite ordinary but you should not do it in some places like in an interview. This gesture sends a signal that might be seen as a careless person. It means you are not there, you want to shut yourself off and all that is happening is none of your business

The hands in a raised position

This position is just like an extension of the above mentioned gesture only that this one is worse as we can see. The higher you raise your arms the more you hide behind them

Slouched posture

This gesture is not only bad for your back but also has some negative signals. It might show a dissatisfied person, helpless and a less confident individual. Good posture when walking improves your appearance and what other people think of you

One hand pointed toward the person you are talking to

It might be one of the less recognized signs but just be careful when using it. If you are talking to a person at the table and you stretch your arm as shown, this might be interpreted as ‘please stop talking’. However in other situation it might be a romantic sign for example when you want to hold your partners hand, you facial expression pays a big role here.

Hand on the hips

This is for those people who feel proud about themselves and they would love to be in control. Sometimes we place our hands on the hips may be to relax or we don’t have anywhere else to place them but it might be an aggressive posture.

Hand covering

If you talk while covering your mouth, you might seem less confident and that you are hiding something. Also most people do this when they are lying, it may be difficult for other people to get what you are saying when you talk

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