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Here is the Reason why Presidential and VIP's Carpet is Red in Colour

Red carpet is known to many people since it is commonly used in various occasions such as weddings, burials and political functions. Many people have been inquiring why this carpet is always red and not any other colour.

People with honour are the only one allowed to walk on it. According to sources (Wakipedia), in the past, it was used to mark the route taken by the Head of State on ceremonial and formal occasions such as national events.

However, currently it is used by people including celebrities among other dignitaries. According to sources, the reason why the colour was actually made red dates back to the ancient Greek Times.

In Greek it was believed that the red colour was the colour gods thus making it welcoming and warm colour. Later, painters adopted the colour in their art to illustrate royalty and wealth. Many countries in the World since then upto date are still believing the events carpet should be made red always for welcoming VIPs and Leaders.

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