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Why need to walk barefoot very early in the Why need to walk barefoot very early in the morning once a week.

Someone who is barefoot or barefooted is not wearing anything on their foot.

Then, reason why we should walk barefoot include:

1. To connect with the earth- this has immense physiological benefits. By walking barefoot, unwanted electrons that causes stress and fatigue are set free and beneficial energy is charged.

2. To ease leg pain, knee pain, hip pain and lower backache which has occurred due to the shoe wear all the time.

3. To remodel our foot biomechanics back to their natural state.

4. To strengthen the muscles of the foot.

5. To release our feet from the toe prison. (shoes)

Morning barefoot walking should be on the earth`s natural ground which has soil, mud, or grass or puddle of water. It is even better if it is a nature trail.

Other ways of enjoying the benefits of walking barefoot are:

i) Swimming in your local stream.

ii) Climbing indigenous trees and doing dead hangs or hanging upside down on them.

iii) Going to the farm bare foot.

iv) Walking along the beach barefooted.

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