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7 Common Things That Poison Your Life

I have compiled a list of things that you should not allow others to do in order to make your life better.

You are shamed for your appearance or preferences

Remember that this is not about how you dress or your behavior, just follow the rules. However, if someone speaks out negatively about your clothes, shape, or choice of spouse, please don’t start making excuses. You are not guilty of anything and do not owe anything to anyone. Keep in mind that nosy people probably don’t have much going on in their own lives.

Constant control

When someone controls your every move, either parents, friends, or a partner, it doesn't really mean that they simply care a lot. We all needs personal space, and relationships are impossible without mutual trust. If the situation is left to chance, it could develop into real tyranny

Physical and emotional abuse

There is no explanation for anyone who systematically hit or humiliate you every time. Remember that your safety is very significant, and avoid people who constantly threatens your physical and mental health or your life. You have every right to break all contacts with the abuser and report them.

Being disrespected at work

Unfortunately, most employees undergo disrespectful behavior from their employer or colleagues. If you find yourself in a similar situation, then ask yourself if you need this job badly enough to endure daily humiliation. Consider fighting for your rights, and don’t be afraid to respond gracefully but firmly if you are bullied.

Constant deception

Do not pretend not to have noticed lies from your relatives, friends, or spouse. If you decide to keep a relationship without trust going, then tell the other party that you know everything, without judgment. Changing this person is not your concern because you can only provide support. But know that if someone really loves and respects you, they will not lie to you in the first place.

They make decisions for you

Despite the fact that your parents really know this life better than you, even if you are already a parent yourself, but this does not give them the right to impose their choice on you, however good it might seem. It is your life and you will bear the consequences of your decisions, so you have the right to make them.

You are forced to choose between your career and personal life

This happens very often, both at work and at home. But no matter what the situation is, there is no law requiring you to abandon your family in favor of work or vice versa. Therefore, you do not have to succumb to pressure from your work or your family and devote all your time to just one. Communicating your needs to both sides and good time management will help you excel at work and find time for your loved ones, as well as hobbies and entertainment.

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